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Pure Functional Fitness Wakefield is your local 24/7 Gym. Located at 415 Main Road Spring Grove Wakefield.
A great place to train with no mirrors and World class equipment at your fingertips.

Head trainer / founder of Pure Functional Fitness.

Carl Smith

I've played various team sports all my life, but now I compete in various events from Multisport, XC Mountain biking, Half / Full / Ultra Marathons, Obstacle Racing and Adventure Racing. Changing people’s preconception about fitness / training is what I’m all about and opening people’s minds to the endless possibilities that they can achieve once they put their mind to it, fitness is just as much about your mental application as to your physical ability. I’m a Qualified Personal Trainer, an accredited ZUU / Ankorr Trainer and ZUU Affiliate, the first and only in Nelson! Also completed Bootcamps Australia Certification and Advanced Thump Boxing Trainer Certification.

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Pure Functional Fitness
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